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Ilya Maksimenko is a highly skilled and passionate filmmaker from Ukraine. He has an incredible knack for creating visually stunning and engaging video content that captures the essence of his subject matter. Throughout his career, Ilya has been an active participant in various film projects, including the creation of his own short films, the joint production of historical video projects, and the creation of music videos across Ukraine.

With experience in directing, camera work, post-production, editing, and creating basic VFX graphics, Ilya has honed his skills while working alongside renowned Ukrainian director Alan Badoev. His talent and dedication have also led him to collaborate with many well-known Ukrainian and international brands such as Samsung, Mercedes, Aston Martin, NYX, and the Milan Art Institute.

Ilya's versatile skill set enables him to manage the entire video production cycle for a wide range of content, including television commercials, feature films, music videos, social media creatives, and educational courses. He possesses a strong work ethic and dedication to the art of filmmaking, which he brings to all his projects.

Currently, Ilya is working as a Freelance Director of Editing and Motion Designer for Kyiv Education, Training and Youth Centre, contributing his expertise to the development of innovative projects for the youth of Ukraine and Europe. With his wealth of creative experience and unwavering commitment to his craft, Ilya Maksimenko is a rising star in the world of creativ video prodaction.

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