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The University was founded in 1999. It actually counts on five main Departments (Agriculture, Economics, Law, Humanities, Medicine and Surgery). About 10,000 are its students; over a third are postgraduates.


is an inter-disciplinary, multicultural university providing the global labour market with intelligent, creative and independently thinking individuals. RISEBA stands for excellent education, internationally recognised degrees, high quality of graduates, excellent research base and highly qualified staff.



In accordance with the goal and strategic goals of KNUTD, one of the priorities of the institution is to ensure quality educational activities of higher education, development of research and transfer of technology and innovation to the real sector of the economy, integration into the world market of science and education.


is a public university located in Mingachevir, the fourth biggest city of Azerbaijan. MSU, established in 2015 (on the basis of Mingachevir Polytechnical Institute founded in 1991), is a higher educational institution with study programs and research addressing Economics and Management, Engineering, and Pedagogics.

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is youth organization that work for youth in the fields of education, training, youth and sport that equip young people with the qualifications and skills needed for their meaningful participation in democratic society, intercultural understanding and successful transition in the labour market in a dynamically changing multicultural and digital society.


is an international non-governmental organization that was established in Ukraine. Its mission is to promote educational innovation and entrepreneurship in both formal and non-formal training, foster internationalization, and create European collaboration networks.

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