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Mingachevir State University (MSU)

Mingachevir State University (MSU) is a public university in Azerbaijan established in 2015, offering study programs and research in economics and management, engineering, and education.


It has three faculties with 31 specializations and 10 departments. The university has about 3,500 students and 320 academic and administrative staff, with education and knowledge assessment carried out according to the ECTS. MSU places great emphasis on international cooperation and has been actively participating in international projects since 2013, including Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ funded by the EU. MSU has made significant progress in strengthening its material-technical base, improving training buildings, and using modern teaching and research methods. MSU is currently participating in several national and international projects, gaining rich experience in implementing international projects, coordinating activities with partner universities, and working in mutual relations.


MSU's research activities include exploring the ecological situation in Mingachevir and its surrounding regions, including training and updating study programs, adding new practical skills, and holding master classes. MSU has also established a Career Center, created through a project with GIZ, to provide strategic training of highly qualified specialists meeting the requirements of the rapidly changing labor market. MSU is currently participating in several CBHE projects, including "International Network of Virtual Youth Business Centers," "Development of Research Potential through the Network of Institutional Repositories in Azerbaijan," and "Green and Sustainable Global Economic Improvement in Azerbaijan Universities." MSU's goal is to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in relevant higher education institutions in Azerbaijan, develop the entrepreneurial mindset of academic staff and students, and improve the innovative approach.

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