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The University of Foggia (UNIFG)

The University of Foggia is a young and ever-changing university aimed at steady growth. Its being able to adapt its educational offer to the needs of the environment in which it works is due to its attractive educational offer which combines tradition and innovation. The mission of the University of Foggia can be summed up in its desire to keep the best minds in the Territory so as to create value and foster development.

Not only the academic community, but also the Territory and the main stakeholders have been actively and constructively engaged in identifying goals through several planning tables. In the last few years, the University has positioned itself as a cultural, social and economic point of reference of an ongoing change, thus underlining its role as an active player in the whole process. Research, Internationalisation, Placement, Counselling and  Targeted Redevelopment have been the strategic highlights of the wide-ranging development policies, backed up by the increasing number of graduates and new students enrolled.

 The University and the Territory.

The University has a well established and essential position in the social and cultural landscape, but also in terms of social, health and welfare services, sport (through the Foggia University Sport Centre - CUS), and library services. Several high-tech companies have been set up within the university in the field of biotechnology, food technology and cultural heritage. Notably, due to the University’s ability to pursue and implement the activities related to its institutional mandate, the Territory recognises it as an attentive interlocutor which is able to spur the territory’s development and provide adequate and professional answers. Associations, companies and citizens have paid increasing attention to the University of Foggia over the years. There are numerous requests for collaboration, sponsorship, agreements and invitations and even a higher number of appeals and calls for action in all sectors, including fight against illegality and organised crime.

The University of Foggia aims to welcome these requests by committing toward young people, inclusion and sustainability. This is achieved thanks to an appropriate and innovative educational offer, which is based on research activity and can lead to career prospects which are not only in line with the needs of the Territory, but are also able to anticipate and grasp the new opportunities of the ever-evolving labour market.

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