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Kyiv National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD)

Kyiv National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD) has identified the development of quality educational activities, research and technology transfer, and integration into the global market of science and education as its priorities. The university aims to form the national elite of Ukraine, promote Ukraine's integration into the European and world economic, educational, and scientific space as an equal partner, and actively participate in the socio-economic development of territories. The institution has 12 strategic directions, including active integration into the world and European educational and scientific space, international cooperation, and digitization of all areas of the university.

KNUTD emphasizes the formation of an innovative educational environment and the introduction of new technologies in the educational process to improve the quality, mobility, attractiveness, and competitiveness of vocational education in the labor market. To ensure the quality of training at the level of world standards, the University provides for the development and implementation of innovative tools for the digitalization of educational activities, exchange of experience between scientific and pedagogical staff of domestic and international universities, strengthening international cooperation, providing conditions for students to practice in foreign universities, organizations, and enterprises, creating an innovative ecosystem of the university, improving the organizational and methodological framework for ensuring academic mobility, and the development of double and joint graduation programs.

The University's scientific and innovative activities aim to ensure the high efficiency of scientific developments, their transfer to the business environment, and the development of academic entrepreneurship as an important component in shaping the entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem of the University. KNUTD aims to increase its competitiveness in the international education and scientific space, and its international activities are aimed at joint research programs, active participation of its scientists in bilateral research projects, and the involvement of foreign representatives of education, science, and business in the educational process and professional development of scientific and pedagogical staff.

Overall, KNUTD aims to transform itself into a leading research and training center for highly qualified specialists, scientific, pedagogical, and scientific personnel of the highest qualification. Fulfillment of important functions entrusted to the University requires effective development of research and technology transfer to the real sector of the national economy, socio-economic development of territories, and work on the basis of sustainable development of the university of an entrepreneurial type.

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