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RISEBA is an inter-disciplinary, multicultural university providing the global labour market with intelligent, creative and independently thinking individuals. RISEBA stands for excellent education, internationally recognised degrees, high quality of graduates, excellent research base and highly qualified staff.

RISEBA life long education center also participiates in different kind of projects in national and EU level. During year 2020 there already are more than 2000 adults trained in various educational programs. RISEBA delivers higher education in study fields as business and administration, communications, audio-visual media arts and architecture.


To implement RISEBA vision - “the place where business meets arts” RISEBA has created Creative Business Incubator to inspire, educate, mentor students and graduates from different sectors to speed up the growth and success of their business ideas, start-up and early stage companies, to support students in the business idea and project development process and acceleration process of the new start-up companies. The main directions for RISEBA Creative Industries are areas are Creative Industries, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

One of  RISEBA study programs is E-Business which teaches new professionals who can work as project managers in e-commerce, as website designers, managers in e-commerce departments in public institutions and private businesses. Also they can work in e-health, e-government, e-education and e-business and welfare fields. Our previous experience with the cooperation projects advance our core disciplinary knowledge and address key issues for the society such as creative methods in business and learning to innovation,
strategic management and technology.


We ensure programmes at RISEBA meet the expectations of the university sector by offering creative study programmes in the various fields: Business, Psychology, Communications, Audio-visual media arts and Architecture.
Within business and economics, art, communication and architecture sciences, research is carried out in a number of different fields, like:

• Strategic management
• Public management
• Strategic Business IT
• Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship
• Economics, Finance and Banking
• Innovation Management, Creativity and Innovation
• life long education
• Human Resource Development Research Into Creative Industries
• Architecture in transition towards new hybrid urban typologies
• Social media, marketing, public relations and communication

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