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The Institute of Social and Economic Initiatives (ISEI)

The Institute of Social and Economic Initiatives (ISEI) is an international non-governmental organization that was established in Ukraine. Its mission is to promote educational innovation and entrepreneurship in both formal and non-formal training, foster internationalization, and create European collaboration networks. ISEI aims to bring together leading experts with a strong impact in specific subject areas to process study and research tasks. This involves incorporating top researchers and administrators from higher education institutions and R&D companies, and improving the system of knowledge and technology transfer in the smart era of globalization.


ISEI provides consulting and support to universities, NGOs, public and private entities, and youth organizations in international relations. We help build partnerships, clusters, and consortia, write projects, manage Erasmus+ mobility, and support capacity building, strategic partnerships, and innovation projects. We also organize workplace training programs, dual education, and internships in Europe and other regions of the world.


The priorities of ISEI include innovation in higher and continuing education research, modernizing curriculums, improving the management and operation of Higher Education Institutions, and offering lifelong learning, continuing education, and educational programs for youth, families, and society. 


ISEI has established strong relationships of cooperation with the business community at national and international levels. We have formed partnerships for mobility, joint education and scientific projects with Member States of the European Union, non-EU Programme Countries, and non-Programme Countries. ISEI is currently working according to a developed Strategic Plan of International Development for 2021-2050, with the aim of creating a strong global platform for international industry and academia collaboration in multidisciplinary domains for research and development innovation in education, industry, and society.

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