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Virtual meetings with successful entrepreneurs
“Business Wednesday”

Date: October 25, 2023

Time: 13:00 AM (Riga) / 12:00 AM (CET)

Location: RISEBA, Latvia

Participating Countries: Italy, Ukraine, Latvia, Azerbaijan, and associated project countries

Experience of a successful businessman:  Karlis Straumbergs.

Founder and owner of Straumbergs hats.


Karlis Straumbergs

Founder and owner of Straumbergs hats.

My name is Karlis and this is my story: Up until the summer of 2018 I had absolutely no connection to making hats, or any piece of clothing to that matter. It's hard to tell the exact moment or reason, but an idea came to me: How a hat is made? So I started searching and exploring, watching and reading. But there wasn't a lot of information, so I just gathered bits and pieces and tried to fill in the blanks myself.


It was June 18th when I ordered my first hat body and piece of strings to block it. Can You guess where I blocked the very first "Hat"? It was on a flower pot!!! But despite the odd shape, it still resembled a hat. After that I tried to work around this problem: I tried different flower pots, but I also knew, that this was just a hobby, so I couldn't invest a lot of money, so I came up with the idea to just make the hat blocks myself - out of styrofoam.


But now after one and a half year, I am still very much just at the beginning of my journey. But I am extremely grateful for the things I have learned and the emotions hat making has given me. I love the feeling when you first encounter the hat body, at that moment I feel its personality and can make a vague feeling of how I want it to look in the end. The most important thing for me is to understand the person who will wear the hat, and during the process I am having a connection to his personality.

What to Expect:

Main Goal: Open exchange of information between experienced business representatives and youth from different countries. Together, we will share the best practices and insights from the world of virtual business.


Combining Experience and Youth: Experienced entrepreneurs and young minds from different countries will come together to learn from each other and exchange valuable insights.

Skills Development for Youth: Young participants will gain valuable insights and skills necessary for thriving in the world of virtual business.

Don't miss this chance to join a global community where experience and youth unite for success! Join us and prepare for great achievements! 

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